City Services


The Sac City Public Library contains over 20,000 volumes, magazines, films, educational, videos, and computers available to the public. Patrons may make use of the children’s wing, an adult wing, a periodical room, computer room, group study area, individual study area and the children’s activity area. Through association with the Iowa Library Network, additional volumes contained in libraries throughout the state may be obtained.

Loring Hospital

Loring Hospital is a 25-bed, full-service primary care critical access hospital providing service to the communities in Sac County and beyond – Sac City, Lake View, Wall Lake, Odebolt, Lytton, Early, Schaller and Fonda. Loring is a non-profit company. The Hospital’s medical staff consists of 42 physicians and 10 allied health professionals, along with a staff of 130 caring and professional individuals. From specialty clinics to a bereavement support group; emergency services to physical therapy; an independent living facility to minor and major surgeries, Loring Hospital is dedicated to providing top-notch service in a new remodeled and renovated facility.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is supplied by Sac City Municipal Utilities. The pipeline source is the Northern Natural Gas Company. Offices and service facilities are maintained in the Sac City Municipal Utilities Building. Sac City has a firm supply of 1850 MM BTU on any given day. The high usage day in 1995 was 1837 MM BTU. Sac City has ample supply and has recently entered into a 9 year contract for a firm supply of gas.


Water is supplied by Sac City Municipal Utilities. The elevated storage capacity is 500,000 gallons. The city is served by a water treatment plant, completed in 1996, capable of pumping 750 gallons per minute. With the addition of another pump, the plant would have the capacity of 1000 gallons per minute.


Primary and secondary sewage treatment is provided by the City of Sac City. The treatment plant is a bio-disc system designed for a maximum flow of 1.3 million gallons per day. The plant has an average flow of 250,000 gallons per day. Industrial waste service is also available.


Electric service is provided by MidAmerican Electric, a part of MidAmerican Energy, headquartered in Des Moines, with offices in Sioux City, Fort Dodge and Davenport, Iowa. Raccoon Valley Electric Cooperative provides electrical service to areas outside the city proper.

Telephone, Cable Television & Internet Access

Quality internet access and communication allows people to live in Sac City and connect to businesses throughout the world or to live outside the community and manage business interests in town. Mediacom has a cable television franchise in Sac City and provides internet access, as well as phone service. Frontier provides telephone and internet. Numerous cell phone providers offer quality service in the area. See Links to Useful Web Sites

Sac City Fire Department

Sac City Fire Department was organized in 1884. Sac City maintains a staff of 28 volunteer firemen at present, some of them 3rd generation firefighters. Check out the Fire Department’s history on the Sac City History tab to the left.

Sac City Police Department

The City of Sac City maintains our own Police Department. Our police force includes a full time Chief and 3 full-time officers.

Sac City Municipal Airport

The Sac City Municipal Airport is located approximately 2.5 miles south of the central business district. Access to the Airport is provided by U.S. Highway 20, State Highway 196 and County Roads D42 and M54. The Airport is located on 136 acres owned by the City of Sac City. The established elevation is 1250 feet above sea level (MSL).

with a crosswind runway of 44 ft. by 2,667 ft. The secondary runway (14/32) surface is blacktop. There is an Airport Manager at the Airport who can assist with refueling an aircraft and arranging local services and information. The Sac City Airport offers room for aircraft to be housed in hangars, as well as tie-downs. There is also a pilot room and a lounge for passengers. In addition to a full range of mechanical services and fuel sales, there are 16 hangars that can be rented at the present time. These hangars are 90% full. Under existing services flight instruction has been given at the Airport, as well as charter services.

Sac County Family Development Center

Fuel assistance, food pantry, and WIC program. For more information call 712-662-3236 or email us at: