City Office

Hours 7:00AM-4:00PM Phone (712) 662-7593
Fax (712) 662-7448
Jamie Lawrence
City Administrator
Phone (712) 662-7593

City Hall


The city council meets in regular session at city hall at 5:00pm on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month

City Council

Scott Bundt

Committees: Finance, 911 Board, Wellness Coalition, Labor Negotiation

Phone (712) 662-4228
Bill Brenny
Mayor Pro Tem

Fire Board, Community Foundation, Finance, Personnel, Gas, Street and Alley

Phone (712) 662-7406
Teresa Bruening
Council Member

Finance, Kids World, Community Center, Planning & Zoning, Parks, Chamber Main Street, Housing, Cemetery, Storm Sewer

Phone (712) 662-4143
Larry Mahler
Council Member

Board of Adjustment, Wellness Coalition, Kids World, Cemetery, Pool, Library, 911 Alternate, Labor Negotiations, Trails, Solid Waste and Recycling

Phone (712) 662-4557
Tom McGinty
Council Member

Trees Committee, Airport, Storm Sewer, Water, Gas, Community Center Alternate, Sanitary Sewer, Police, Chamber Main Street Alternate, Pool

Phone (712) 662-4075
Bruce Perry
Council Member

Fire Board, Landfill, SDC, Art Council, Historic Preservation, Hometown Pride, Housing, Street & Alley, Personnel, Labor Negotiations, Solid Waste & Recycling, Police, Sanitary Sewer, Community Foundation, Water

Phone (712) 662-4163